Shipment compliance declaration

Date May 12, 2022

Please read these terms and conditions of Shipment Compliance Declaration in detail, by using ShipHub services you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


"Account Holder" shall mean any individual taking ownership for themselves or a business who sends packages ("Goods") for shipment, by packaging, labeling and arranging for transit etc., either directly or indirectly, and shall include any person, corporation, employee, or relative etc. who sends goods for shipment on someone else's behalf. The account holder must have the authority to act on behalf of themselves or the business and will be held personally accountable for all actions taken on behalf of the business.

For further clarity, the account holder is responsible for all aspects of your Ship Hub account, including goods shipped and ensuring full compliance with the terms of Shipment Compliance Declaration.

"ShipHub" shall mean Pareto Tech Inc

I, (hereinafter referred to as the "Account Holder" and in accordance with the taforesaid definition),

Solemnly Declare, that

The account holder has provided Ship Hub with current and accurate contact information related to the account holder including personal full legal name of the account holder, associated business name, Canadian mailing address, telephone number(s), email address and contact information for any other person authorized to ship on the account holder's behalf.

The account holder is responsible for ensuring any and all goods shipped by the account holder include the correct return name and address, as corresponds with the return name and address provided in the account holder's account. The account holder is further responsible for notifying Ship Hub if and when any changes to the same are made. For further clarity, the individual or business name and address as appears on the account holder's postage labels must be the same as that on the account.

Any and all goods shipped by the account holder to any residential or business address does not exceed the total retail value of One Thousand (CAD$1000.00) Canadian Dollars.

Any and all goods shipped by the account holder to any residential or business address shall be declared in retail value. For further clarity, wholesale values are not accepted as retail values. Retail value is the price the buyer paid for the goods. This definition does not apply to wholesale. The value declared on wholesale shipments must reflect the retail value of the product had the buyer purchased them without the wholesale discount.

That if requested by Ship Hub or any Customs representative, at its sole and absolute discretion, the account holder will promptly provide adequate supporting documentation and evidence to confirm the total retail value of the goods or goods to be shipped by Ship Hub, and fully understand that failure to provide same may result in Ship Hub' refusal to accept (in whole or in part) any shipment and/or goods.

The account holder is responsible for submitting electronic shipment information for any and all goods shipped with Ship Hub. The account holder is further responsible for ensuring that the same is accurate and compliant with all applicable customs and regulatory laws. The contents of all goods must be accurately described. Generic descriptions are not permitted and quantities are mandatory.

Ship Hub shall declare any and all goods shipped by the account holder using the electronic shipment information to the appropriate. Customs officials.

It is the account holder's responsibility to ensure all shipments tendered to Ship Hub meet the carrier and service restrictions regulated and strictly enforced customs officials. The list below includes some, but not all, items prohibited from transportation:

  1. Human remains in any form;
  2. Live animals, birds and insects, or the remains thereof;
  3. Live plants or cut flowers;
  4. Fruits or vegetables;
  5. Fish, seafood, meat and poultry (fresh or frozen);
  6. Cash, coins, bonds, stocks or other negotiable securities;
  7. Jewellery, gold or any other precious metals (other than costume jewellery);
  8. Weapons (and parts thereof) and ammunition;
  9. Any dangerous substances as defined by the TDGA or by the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the IATA, including.

    1. Biohazardous Infectious Material
    2. Carcinogen
    3. Dangerously Reactive Material
    4. Hazardous Waste
    5. Infectious Material
    6. Diagnostic substances;
    7. Radioactive materials; or
    8. Forbidden Dangerous Goods.
    9. Any item prohibited by law in the originating jurisdiction, the destination jurisdiction, or any other jurisdiction where the shipment may have to transport through.

The account holder acknowledges that it is the account holder's responsibility to ensure all shipments are in compliance with Provincial, Federal and International legislation and any other Applicable Laws (all laws and regulations respecting the transportation, exportation or importation of goods and materials that are applicable to goods consigned to Ship Hub).

The undersigned account holder expressly acknowledges and agrees that Ship Hub reserves the right to refuse to accept (in whole or in part) any shipment and/or goods that it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that the carriage of the same may be prohibited by International or National Regulations.

The account holder acknowledges that providing false or misleading declaration(s) or attempting to ship prohibited items or restricted carrier items may result in fines, penalties and legal action.

The account holder agrees that postage purchased through Ship Hub must be tendered to Ship Hub and must not be tendered directly to a Ship Hub partner carrier. The account holder authorizes Ship Hub to charge their account the following fees per every shipment dropped off to the partner carrier:

  1. An administrative fee of $75.00
  2. Any adjustment fee that the partner carrier charges ShipHub for such instances
  3. Possible removal from the Ship Hub platform

The account holder hereby agrees that this acknowledgment and waiver shall survive and not merge on completion of this transaction.